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Friday, February 12, 2016    
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Roswell, GA, is an affluent suburb of Atlanta that is renowned for its high standard of living. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Roswell was 79,334 in the year 2000 and its total land area is 38.6 square miles. In 2008 Roswell’s population was estimated to have increased to almost 102,000, the median income for a household in Roswell was more than $73,500 and the median income for a family was over $94,500. Roswell is ranked among the safest cities to live in the United States and Atlanta Magazine selected Roswell as the best place to live in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Tourism is a significant source of revenue in Roswell

Tourism is a large source of revenue in Roswell because thousands of visitors travel to Roswell’s Historic District each week. Roswell's city government implemented a concept known as new urbanism in the Historic District where multiple types of development are combined in a concentrated area. Antebellum homes redolent with Southern history share brick paved sidewalks with cafes, restaurants, clothing boutiques, gift stores, antique stores, art galleries, professional offices and new residential developments.

The Historic Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau provides helpful information to tourists about Roswell’s local events, annual cultural festivals sponsored by the City of Roswell and historic mansions that offer public tours. Roswell’s official Cultural Arts Center is a popular venue for musical shows, dance performances and many other kinds of cultural entertainment, and the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s 127-acre nature preserve also draws many thousands of people to Roswell each year by offering a wide variety of fun and educational programs for families and children.

Historic Roswell’s official source for business assistance

Roswell’s Economic Development Division is the official city government authority whose mission is to retain Roswell's existing businesses and recruit new businesses that will contribute to Roswell's goal of maintaining a healthy balanced economy. The Economic Development Division helps people find available sites for new businesses, attracts business conventions to Roswell’s convention facilities, and helps people obtain low interest loans for renovations and development.

There are about 5,000 businesses in Roswell, one third of them are home based, and many of Roswell’s residents work at businesses located within 10 miles of their homes. Families with children consider Roswell to be a desirable place to live because Fulton County’s public schools are ranked among the best public schools in America. Roswell’s beautiful natural scenery, its excellent public school system, a thriving job market and Roswell’s upscale shopping centers all combine to create a high standard of living that has caused property values to steadily increase along with Roswell’s population and its expanding economic resources.

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